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Information System “Evidence of Commissions”

Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic

The application

Information System “Evidence of Commissions” is used to record commissions executed by operators on control sections of Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development in coordination with other departments.

Unique features of the system :

  • Clear view of open tasks under deadline and under the responsible operator
  • Summarized annual report required for year-end statements and reports
  • Ability to safely transfer data (eg, tasks, resolution) between systems
    System of user rights
  • Full change history records, audit
  • Modularity – the individual records are independent, while adequately linked

The project

nformation System “Evidence Commissions” is built on the operating system platform Red Hat Linux, Tomcat application server, Apache web server and database system Progress.

The application meets the following objectives, which determine the technical solution :

  • Rapid application development and rapid adaptation to user comments
  • Easy to deploy with the user, easy operation and administration
  • Independent of operating systems and database systems, flexibility
  • Stability, scalability and security
    Main technical parameters of the project:

  • The application is built on a three-tier architecture
  • architecture supports rapid development and deployment, operation and administration
  • Implemented Programming language is Java, Java-light (or J2E) technology – along with other technologies enables user to adapt the application requirements faster. It also supports application portability to other operating systems (eg MS Windows).
  • Technology Hibernate provides database independence applications – possibly changing the database type will have a minimal impact on changing the structure of the application itself, thereby giving users more freedom of choice
  • The selected web server database, application server and database server are reconciling combination that provides excellent performance and stability

    Java, Java-light (or J2E) technology, Spring Libraries, Tomcat application server, Apache web server and database system Progress.

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