Document Management and Workflow Solutions

Interpol & Europol Slovakia

  • Developed for Bureau for International Police Cooperation of Slovak Republic, which consists of national sections for Interpol and Europol
  • Document management and workflow solution
  • Supports Records management (RM) – the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving, and destroying records
  • Workflow supports creating, approving, and enforcing records policies, including a classification system and a records retention policy
  • Enforces coordinating access and circulation of records within and outside of an organization
  • Supports the organizational records storage plan, which includes the short and long-term housing of physical records and digital information
  • Creates the communication channels for both sections to cooperate together and with the main police headquarters as well as with the international police (Interpol and Europol) using e-mail, fax and regular mail
  • All non-digital documents are stored in the digital form automatically using OCR – Optical Character Recognition
  • Maintains a database of structured information about police cases (investigations) created by both sections. Database supports structured as well as full-text search.
  • Supports interfaces between the national Interpol and Europol systems and the national Schengen system Nymfa
  • There are future plans to connect directly all the information databases together through web services (Interpol, Europol, Schengen, national police)
We delivered
  • The complete solution: hardware, software: design, software development, documentation, testing, maintenance
  • ASP .NET, SQL Server, Fax and MS Exchange interoperability