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  • Martin Frid-Nielsen, Founder, Soonr Inc.

    “We have worked with Outsource.SK/Foundation for over 3 years, and we have found them to be a great outsourcing partner: strong engineers, good communication and flexible to work with.”

  • Hans-Josef Homscheid (Senior Partner) vericos GmbH

    “We have a very good experience working with your support. I am quite certain that we will come back to this opportunity very soon. There we will develop a lot more projects in collaboration. Foundation will be our first choice.”

  • Janak Mehta, Web Traffic Guy -

    Jozef and his team helped my company and my clients with all the technical aspects of website creation and management. The work was always delivered on time, done professionally and it was always easy to work with the whole team. Thanks!

Web / SaaS

In Foundation we have long experience and knowledge in web development. We develop new systems with attention to detail and current market needs.g

iOS / Android

The mobile world is changing even more rapidly than the web world has changed in the past several years. Those not actively working with it will lose the pulse of the industry in a few months.

Project Management

We have been in this industry for a long time, and we know that the technology is just not enough. The development process and correct is as important as the technology.

About us

Every software solution in developing organizations is going to change. The change should be quick and smooth, and have predicted results.

Our software development process is based on methods that allow us to undertake complex problems and solve them smoothly and on time. We believe that streamlining of the development process with small planned steps allows us to achieve our goals effectively. As the organization and technology changes, our processes and methods change too.

In addition to experience, another key to our success is our commitment and dedication to providing the best possible customer service to our clients.



Meet The Team

Stefan Dobak Portrait

Stefan Dobak - CEO

Managing Partner at Gesamtkunstwerk

Jozef Antony Portrait

Jozef Antony - CTO

Entrepreneur, project manager focused on end results, interested in a wide variety of business applications.