Zaius Networks Inc.

Foundation s.r.o. has designed and developed a solution for our client Zaius Networks Inc. – BIGcontrols.

This solution helps companies, who have negotiated tax and financial incentive packages for their facilities in the United States and worldwide. The implementation and full utilization of these incentives relies solely upon the companies’ personnel.

To help them manage these incentives, the solution delivers:

  • The fully supported incentives management process
  • An access to the best-in-class tax data regulatory provider in order to link those data with the tool
  • Sophisticated look-and-feel as well as ease-of-navigation to make the product user friendly and provide best-in-class customer experience
  • A scalable service, with 99.9%+ uptime and enterprise-level security

Cloud-based (SaaS) incentives management solution provides companies with an efficient and effective method for tracking their global business incentives by facility or physical location. Once entered into the system, the reporting requirements for each incentive are monitored based on parameters that can be tailored by the company.

Any changes that occur within the regulatory environment that may affect each incentive are reported to the company as legislation is passed into law.

A robust set of reporting tools allow the company to analyze and manage the metrics of their incentive packages on a real-time basis. The main dashboard provides C-level management with an overview of the value of their company’s global business incentives and an immediate status update with the click of a button.

It also provides assurance to management, the Board and the Audit Committee that the company has full control over its incentives management process.


1st Phase – as defined in the project specification – has required a team with 3-5 Foundation developers (including Management), who has worked on implementation approx. 1700 Man-Hours (MH).

  • Project management
  • Senior developers
  • Developers
  • Testers (automatic and manual testing)
  • Team organised of senior front end developer with min. 6+ years of programming experience on several projects for Foundation s.r.o.
System Architecture Overview
  • Web, responsive application, HTML5 based, modern UI (JavaScript frontend, Angular.js)
  • Scalable client-server architecture, using known PaaS/SaaS services
  • MVC (model-view-controller) architecture (Java language)
  • Relation database (scalable, replicable, backup Postgress DB, support for MySQL via JPA)
  • Modern browser support
  • Scalability, extensibility, security
Development and Deployment

Development and deployment environment was designed to address:

  • Stable and tested technology
  • Easy change management
  • Fast, incremental development
  • Commonly used and proven tools and technologies
  • Switching databases (e.g. to MySQL) and/or deployment environment (e.g. to Amazon S3).
Tools and libraries used
  • Java JDK 7, Eclipse, Spring framework (security, MVC)
  • JS framework (as needed) – Angular.js
  • PaaS/SaaS environment – Heroku (for all tests and production environments, plus local development environment)
  • JPA – to support database independence
  • PostgreSQL database (also includes replication and backup)
  • Maven plug-ins, Maven – build
  • Jenkins CI – continuous integration – automatic build & deploy architecture (Maven, Jenkins scripts)
  • Selenium, Selenium IDE for automatic tests
  • Source code management (SVN on GitHub, to be part of delivery), backup
  • Testing, test scenarios – includes automatic test suites for UI
  • Technical and user documentation (EN)